Wherever you are in Belgium, you are not far from Tienen, which is located in the center of the country.

USA Car Center Tienen is situated in Tienen's industrial zone.



USA Car Center Tienen is a Belgian company that distributes new and second hand Chrysler Products ( Chrysler - Dodge - Plymouth - Jeep - Eagle ).

If you decide to import an American car yourself, we can also take care of homologation and maintenance.

A lot of people think American cars are expensive. But they aren't really when you compare the quality, safety and luxury of these cars to European models.

As there aren't many American cars in the European market, driving one is an unique experience.

Sometimes we create custom-built cars.

Our most popular version was the "Twister" inspired by the movie of the same name. A black luxury exclusive Grand Caravan.

If you are interested in one of our cars, our services, or if you want further information about USA Car Center Tienen, your questions are always welcome.

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